Golden Eagle Photography - 1 Day

The hide is open from the 21st of January until the 4th of March or until the Golden Eagles show themselves.

Everyone knows that Estonia is home to about 1000 Brown Bears. Another iconic species that prefer vast bogs and forests, is the Golden Eagle. The majestic but cautious Golden Eagle is considered to be the absolute pinnacle of Estonia’s bird kingdom, and the opportunity to see it undisturbed, up close, and for a long time offers an unforgettable nature experience.

This year, the Golden Eagle hide is situated in a much more accessible location. From the car parking lot, it’s only 250 meters to the hide. You should enter the hide an hour before sunrise and not leave the hide before it is totally dark (about an hour after sunset). One option would also be to go there on the previous night/evening. But be aware, that although it is possible to use a small heater during the photo shoot, it is not enough to warm up the room, due to the thin uninsulated walls.

There are 2 photography holes in the wall and plenty of space for 2 photographers. The background is mostly an open landscape with uncut grass and some trees.

We will soon add photos of the hide with photo openings and the surrounding landscape.


Besides the Golden Eagle, there’s a good chance of seeing Goshawk, Jays, Ravens and various tits. With a bit of luck, also Pine Martens and Red Fox are visible.

The hide has chairs, the windows are covered with mirror plastic.


Price for 1 person staying in the hide is 85€ per person

Price for 2 persons staying in the hide is 65€ per person

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Golden Eagle Photography