Lynx in Estonia

Recent lynx observations on our tours

Just a quick update from our tours. Our guide Bert has had a few great observations recently.

First, just a couple of days ago, he spotted a lynx on one of our nature tours (the last evening of the tour). And on the second day of a new (birding) tour, they spotted 2 wolves during the daytime! Unfortunately, I only have photos of the lynx (see below).

Estonian lynx during a birding tour
Lynx in Estonia

At the end of April, 2 clients from the UK did a self-guided tour in Lahemaa NP, and on the last day, with the help of the local guide Martin, they also managed to have a long and incredible observation of a young lynx trying to catch Wild Bore piglets. The observation was so long that they were the first ones to leave the location.

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