Piece of bear from the hide by Klaas Huwel

Dogs and the Brown Bear Hide

Recently there have been several questions about the possibility of taking a dog to the Brown Bear Hide. Unfortunately, it is not possible.

It is true that every dog and dog owner is different, but we have to consider these reasons:

  1. Both the owner and the dog will have to stay in the hide for about 15 hours straight. After entering the hide, it is not allowed to leave it before the morning without a serious reason.
  2. It is not possible to stop a dog from using a “bush toilet” on the way to the hide or on the way back from the hide. Wild animals associate the smell of dogs with hunting. Even just a bark close to the hides can ruin the night and make the animals stay away.
  3. Possible that you share the hide with someone who has an allergy to dog hair.

There are a few options that you could use.

First, if you come with a camper van and you have a smaller dog, you could leave the dog in the car with a cracked window. But use this option only if you have done it before and there haven’t been any problems. It’s always best if someone could stay with the dog.

Sometimes, people go on 2 different days, on the first day some go and some stay with the dog and then on the second day, they change their responsibilities.

A really good option is also to leave the dog with a dog keeper. There are a few dog keepers in the area.

Rõõmus sabahttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057479018544

and Koerte Koduhoid Haljalashttps://www.facebook.com/koertekoduhoid/

Please contact them as soon as possible, as they are private keepers and may not have time if booked too late.

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