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Lynx in Estonia

Lynx and Steller’s Eider

7 Days - 6 Nights
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  • 19/03/20236 Available
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  • 18/03/202313 Available

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“Naturgucker” trip in June with Lynx, Flying Squirrel, bears, and lots of birds!

Mid-June is not always considered the best time for birding, but the last years and trips have proven otherwise. During the past years, traveling in spring and autumn was very …

Looking back at our spring tours in 2022

It has been quite a ride. Our last tour ended on the 3rd of July when our guide got back from a 2-day Brown Bear and Flying Squirrel tour with …

Steller’s Eider and Lynx tours in March and February 2022

After 2 years of waiting, canceling, and postponing, we were able to make our first spring tours. To be exact, we have already had 2 lynx tours, 2 Steller’s Eider …