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Looking for the Eurasian Lynx – Scheduled Tour

6 Days - 5 Nights
51 review
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  • 20/10/20243 Available
  • 03/03/20256 Available
  • 11/03/20253 Available
Lynx watching tours in Europe

Big Predator Tour – Lynx, Bear, and Wolf

8 Days - 7 Nights
01 review
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  • 21/09/20245 Available
  • 06/10/20240 Available
Lynx in Estonia

Lynx and Steller’s Eider

8 Days - 7 Nights
Next Departure
  • 09/03/20256 Available
Lynx by _Ronny Andresen48

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Lynx seen on every mammal tour in autumn 2023

A few days ago our last mammal tours of the season ended. All 4 were a success. Interestingly, we had at least 2 lynx observations on every trip, which in …

NaTourEst at the Global Birdfair 2023

Another year, another Birdfair. We have been represented at the Birdfair for many years now. The first time was probably about 12 years ago when the company was just newly …

Dogs and the Brown Bear Hide

Recently there have been several questions about the possibility of taking a dog to the Brown Bear Hide. Unfortunately, it is not possible. It is true that every dog and …