Looking for the Eurasian Lynx – Scheduled Tour

6 Days

Scheduled tour dates

20/10/2024 - 25/10/2024 Guaranteed €1,450.00
2 Available
03/03/2025 - 08/03/2025 Available €1,450.00
6 Available
11/03/2025 - 16/03/2025 Guaranteed €1,450.00
3 Available

In Estonia, March is the month when the land is covered with snow, or at least there are some patches of snow under the forest and on small dirt roads. Migrating birds are returning and the sun is moving higher and higher every day. Spring is not only in the air but also in the hearts of many birds and mammals. For example, it’s the mating season for the main target of this tour – the Eurasian Lynx. It’s the period when there are really good chances to spot one, as they are more active and come to open areas much more often. During different periods, Estonia has been the country with the highest lynx population density and the local individuals are one of the largest in the world. Its’ main prey – Roe Deer, is doing better year after and so is the local lynx population. Right now, an estimated 550-600 Eurasian Lynx inhabit the forests of Estonia, and one of the best areas to spot them is Lahemaa National Park in the northeastern part of the country. Lahemaa was also the first national park grounded in the whole former Soviet Union and is still the largest NP in Estonia.

Another great time to look for the lynx is autumn when the temperatures have dropped and mammals have become more active again. The species spectrum is very similar to early spring.  As there is probably no snow yet, we won’t be tracking during the day, but rather go for walks and do some birding. Late autumn is a great time to spot some of the species staying in Estonia throughout the year (Pygmy and Ural Owl, woodpeckers, Hazel Grouse, and Capercaillie) and winter guests, such as Waxwings. You can read a bit more about some of the mammal tours we had in 2023 from our blog.

Similar tours

If the dates do not fit, you could join our Lynx and Steller’s Eider Tour. If early spring is not the most suitable time for your travels, but you still wish to look for the lynx then join us in autumn for the Lynx and Bear Tour.


Looking for the lynx will be done with thermal imagery binoculars and we start usually an hour/half an hour before sunset. Usually, we look until late in the evening or sometimes even until the first hours of the new day depending on our success and level of tiredness. We move and the lynx moves and during these 5 evenings, there will be a very high probability that at one point our paths cross.  It must be noted that looking for Lynx means quite a lot of driving around in the dark.

Although this tour concentrates on the Eurasian Lynx, we will most likely also meet other mammals sharing the same habitats, such as Elk, Roe Deer, Snow Hare, Pine Marten, and Raccoon Dogs, just to name the main ones. Daytime will be used for resting and looking for bird specialties, such as the forest grouse and woodpeckers. If the snow conditions are suitable, we would also go lynx-tracking. Evening excursions will give us also the chance to spot several species of owls, such as the Ural Owl and Pygmy Owl.


The group will be picked up from Tallinn Airport and driven to Lahemaa NP, where we will stay for the rest of the tour. During the first evening, we will not waste any time and go looking for the lynx. Night in Lahemaa NP

Breakfast, Lunch

Day 2-5. Similarly to the first day, we will concentrate mainly on looking for Lynx. The best times to do it are the late evening and nighttime. Daytime will be used for birding, recovery and to get the blood flow going and experience the beauty of Lahemaa National Park. If there are suitable snow conditions, we also might look for fresh lynx tracks and follow them. Nights in Lahemaa NP

Day 6 :

Day 6. Today we can have the last lookout for whatever is still missing from our wishlist and then return to Tallinn


Price includes:

  • 5 Nights in a local hotel/guesthouse in Lahemaa NP (twin rooms with WC and shower)
  • All Breakfasts and 1 welcoming lunch/dinner
  • 2 Local Guides (1 is scanning, the other is driving)
  • Transport during the tour

Price excludes

  • Flights
  • Beverages during the meals

Scheduled tour dates

20/10/2024 - 25/10/2024 Guaranteed €1,450.00
2 Available
03/03/2025 - 08/03/2025 Available €1,450.00
6 Available
11/03/2025 - 16/03/2025 Guaranteed €1,450.00
3 Available


What is the best time to arrive in Estonia/When will the tour start on the first day?

You can arrive in Tallinn in the afternoon or even in the evening. The most active periods of this tour are evening and night hours. As Lahemaa NP is only 1h 15min away from Tallinn, we can start late.

If I'll arrive a day earlier, will I be picked up from the hotel?

Yes. If you arrive earlier, we can pick you up from your accommodation before the start of the tour.

When should I be at the Tallinn Airport before the departure of my flight?

Tallinn International Airport is a small and convenient airport, so you’ll have enough time at the airport if you arrive 90 minutes before the departure of your flight.

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  1. Lynx Tour
    from Bristol,UK
    The trip was very good thank you, enjoyable and productive with a decent list of mammals and birds including a few unexpected things like weasel and otter which were a bonus! The hotel choice was excellent - good food and service (lunches were a bit expensive though but only the twice I guess), immaculate and comfortable rooms that were functional. The work desk and charging points etc were all very useful. The places we stopped for lunch were also good. The dinners at the supermarket not ideal I guess as by the later time of the evening there isn’t a lot of choice at the deli in there, but I guess its the best of the options available as going to a restaurant would take up valuable scanning time. In terms of the tour activities, I felt like a decent amount was fitted into each day in order to maximise sightings and shortcuts weren’t taken and there was still some time to rest and catch up with things at the hotel. The vehicle is good, but it would have helped if the front half of the windows opened rather than the back half - I don’t know if they can be refitted somehow. Also I would have found it frustrating if I was in a larger group and stuck in the back and unable to use thermal or take pictures out the window as I don’t think those windows open - I wonder if it can be modified. Luckily that wasn’t a problem on this trip. Luckily I brought clothing for cold conditions - long johns, thermal socks etc, but its worth putting emphasis on this with new clients as it really is quite cold at times, especially night driving with the windows down - I think I used the thermals more in Estonia than in the arctic!
    Date of Experience: March, 2024

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Looking for the Eurasian Lynx – Scheduled Tour
From €1,450.00
/ Person in double room
From €1,610.00
/ Person in single room
  • March
  • 4-6 persons
  • Easy walking
  • *Eurasian Lynx
    *Roe Deer
    *Raccoon Dogs
    *Snow Hare
    *Ural Owl, Pygmy Owl, Hazel Grouse, Western Capercaillie, Three-Toed WP, Middle-Spotted WP, Black WP, White-Backed WP, Grey-Headed WP.