Brown bear by Gunther Willinger

Brown Bear is Estonia’s animal of the year 2022

We are happy to announce that Brown Bear was chosen to be the animal of the year 2022. Not that choosing any other animal would have made us less happy. It’s just that a lot of our doings are very closely connected to bears. Thus, we will also participate in the activities planned for this year. First of all, throughout the year there will be articles published in our blog explaining their behavior and habits. As every year, there will also be several competitions and contests, where there’s possible to win an overnight stay in our Brown Bear Watching Hide. In addition, this spring we will again start showing a live stream from the proximity of the hides. So all and all, there will be a lot of things going on this year and a lot to look forward to!

We wish everyone a great year of the Brown Bear!

Brown bear by Gunther Willinger
Brown Bear with cubs. Photographed from our photo hide. Author: Gunther Willinger

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