Western Capercaillie

The speculated number of male Capercaillies in Estonia is about 1000-1500 birds. They live in big forest areas like Soomaa and Alutaguse but we can’t find them in Estonian islands. April is the time when they lek. Male birds gather in sparse forest spots and fight for females. All the Capercaillie leks are under protection in Estonia but after the lek birds often some to the  small forest roads to look for small gravel stones. This is a good option to see the Capercaillie. Best time for that is April- first part of May and also September-October.

nettiWe usually see the Capercaillies on our longer bird and mammal watching tours. A very good area for seeing them is Alutaguse. It is a good area for 2-3 day tour to also watch other taiga species like Ural-, Pygmy Owl, Three -toed Woodpecker and Brown Bear. Our selfguided bird tour takes you to a good Capercaillie habitats.


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