TV channel ARTE made in Summer 2020 a documentary from Brown Bears in East-Europe. They filmed a part from report by Bear Watching Hide of Alutaguse.

With Estonian Television on elk watching trip in Matsalu Natinal Park, October 2020.

Frankfurter Allgemeine, October 2020 Elsemarie Maletzke form autumn birding and mammals watching tour in Estonia.

The autumn 2020 issue of magazine life in Estonia writes about our bear hide, form page 77.

YouTuber Lucas T.Jahn visited Estonia in Summer 2020 and made from his journey magnificent video. Among other things visited he our bear hide, in video from 15 minutes.  

German ZDF TerraX in  Bear hide. 

Vögel Magazin, September 2020 – Sylvia Koch writes about her experiences about touring with us in autumn 2019 –   “Estland: Ostzieher und Inländer”

Estonian World, July 2020 – Maris Hellrand writes about her experience in the Brown Bear hide. A great video included! – “Up close and personal…with a brown bear”.

Reverie Chaser, July 2020 – A Great overview about what to do in NE Estonia and about the experience in our new Brown Bear hide.

With Estonian Television in Alutaguse Brown Bear and Wildlife Watching Hide, June 2020.

Nordkurier am Wochenende, October 2019 – Herrenhäuser und Wölfe – “Was Mecklenburg mit Estland eint”.

Geislinger Zeitung, September 2019 – Franz Lerchenmüeller writes about the Steller’s Eider tour (Scheckente Spezial) – “Schräge Vögel”.

Frankfurter Allegeimer, May 2019 –  Franz Lerhecnmüeller writes about the Steller’s Eider tour (Scheckente Spezial) –  “Die Wildnis ist kein Futterhäuschen”.

Travel Inspired blog, September 2018 – Brown Bear Watching experience from the new wildlife watching hide.

France TV2, October 2017. Video reportage about observing brown bears in our new wildlife watching hide.

Exploration Junkie, August 2016. Julien Mordret’s writing and video report about his experiences in our brown bear hide.

We Travel the World blog, November 2015. Martin Merten shares his experience of watching brown bears and other  animals in Alutaguse brown bear hide. .

Travel Yourself blog, April 2015. Cailin O’Neil shares thought and photos of on bog-shoeing tour with Natourest sister-company 360 Adventures.

Reuters video, September 2014. Just the bare necessities for Estonia’s bear watchers. Tara Cleary reports from brown bear watching hide.

BBC The Travel Show video, August 2014. Tracking Estonia’s brown bears. Damien McGuinness gives overview of brown bear habitat tour and brown bear watching hide.

Wanderlust travel magazine,  September 2013. William Gray writes about Estonian brown bears. He visited NaTourEst brown bear hide and Alutaguse area in May 2013.

Daily Telegraph, April, 2013. Catherine Mack  writes  about wolf tour with our guide Bert during her Estonian wildlife trip.

Ryanair magazine, November, 2011. James Parry shares emotions on listening to wolf howl with our guide Bert.

BBC Wildlife October 2010. Ben Hoare went on Estonian mammal and watching tour with our guide Triin and spent a night in Alutaguse bear hide.

New York Times, August 2010. Clifford J. Levy impressions on bog-shoeing and bog trekking.