Wildlife tours to Estonia 2015


16.-17 of May. Brown Bear tour- FULL
30.-31 of May. Brown Bear tour.
25. September – 2. October. Estonia – mammals, birds and autumn migration.
19.-20. of September. Brown Bear tour.

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Estonian Wildlife and Medieval Tallinn Old Town 8 days


This is the tour to take if you want to watch bears, enjoy the spectacular sight of mass bird migration, observe elks and follow the paths of wolves and lynxes. It includes hiking in one of Europe’s largest raised bogs with breath-taking views of bog-pools and experience the peacefulness of old-growth forests.

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Self- guided Birding Tours with Smart Device


Self-guide tour takes you to the best birding places in Estonia and helps you to find target species. But instead of usual guide you have a Smart Device (tablet PC or smart phone) with a geo-location, detailed instructions and internet connection. This tour is especially suitable for birders who prefer to go birding with their own team and pay less for guiding.

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Brown Bear Watching


Brown Bear watching from hide- 1 night.
Brown Bear watching and habitat tour-20 hours
Brown Bear photography from hide
Estonian mammals and birds tour- 8 days.

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