Brown Bears are waking up from hibernation

The first migrating birds, such as Cranes, Starlings, Northern Lapwings and Greylag Geese,  arrived some weeks ago and today morning, the air was already filled with Woodlark songs. In most places, these are the classical announcers of spring.

But in Alutaguse area, Brown Bear tracks on melting snow are probably the clearest sign that spring is just behind the corner! The first paw track was 16 cm wide, meaning that it was a grown male bear. The first ones to wake up are usually young males and the last ones are females with cubs.

Our colleague, Ahto, who found these tracks followed them and found out that the bear had also feasted on a dead roe deer. Totally understandable when taking into consideration that they had their last meal about 4 months ago. Finding a carcass is the easiest way to get quick nutrition in late winter, another option would be to going to a bog and eat overripen cranberries.

Maybe even someone recognises the place from the video? Namely, the tracks follow the same path that leads to our Brown Bear watching hide. I hope he knows that we will open the watching hide for visitors in less than a month.

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