Elk (or Moose, as Americans say) is a common animal in Estonia. With the population of more than 12 000 animals, Elks can be seen all over Estonia, but it is naturally more common in the big wilderness areas.


Elks are mainly active in twilight and this is the proper time to see them. They would come to graze then to the forest edges, clearings and meadows. Vast open areas with fens and flooded meadows, like in Matsalu National Park are the best places to see the Elk. Autumn is the rutting season for Elks and then it is possible to watch the exciting mating rituals of these gorgeous animals. Elks are regularly seen in our spring bird watching trips, but in autumn mammal-watching tours we will be more focused on finding Elks and having a really great look at them. Also there is an excellent chance to spot one on Autumn photo tour.

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