During our 14 years of operation, our doings have been covered by some of the most well-known European media-channels as well as by popular YouTubers and bloggers.  Fortunately, Estonia’s diverse nature offers a lot of material, and the media’s interest to cover it hasn’t gone anywhere. 

Under the link you’ll find a list of media publications that cover the various doings of Natourest:  

Through the years we’ve had times of rapid development, but also periods of routine work. We’ve managed to gain enough resources to invest in the future of the company and to nature conservation. Ofcourse, the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected us greatly, as in 2020 our turnover dropped 3 times in comparison to 2019. But we will survive the current crisis and are already impatiently waiting for the possibility to show our clients the beauty of Estonian nature. Natourest is collaborating with many well-known European tour operators. So if you come to Estonia for a nature tour, there’s a high possibility that the tour is locally run by us.

Besides being a trustworthy partner, we also offer the possibility to book tours directly through our homepage. As a European travel agency, we are subject to strict EU requirements – we are obliged to pay a refund, have financial collateral in the event of financial difficulties, insurance, etc. However, EU norms above all reflect our own desire to do business honestly and reliably and offer you security and safety when booking directly with us. 

We invite you to book directly on our website or ask us for an offer. 

Natourest has brought to Estonia and to nature tourism in general, many innovative ideas. Our Brown Bear watching hide was the first one in the Baltic States. In 2017 we bought land to develop our services, protect nature, and to compensate on our ecological footprint.  The whole project is still something unique in this region. 

In 2011, we installed a live-camera next to our Alutaguse Brown Bear hides, so people could observe which animals visit the place without even having to stay in the hide. This possibility we have repeated several times during the following years. In 2019 we installed a sensitive studio microphone outside of our hides and speakers inside the hide, so all the visitors could not only see, but also hear all the wonderful sounds of nature around the hide. 

In 2012, we were one of the first (probably in the whole world) to offer individual smart-guided nature tours, where the client is lead to the best nature observation spots by a smart device (smartphone or tablet). In 2020, moved from a browser-based tour system to an APP, which platform we developed together with our IT-partner. This makes the tour experience even more comfortable, quicker and user-friendly.