Wolf in Alutaguse brown bear camera

A few days ago however a wolf was seen in the Alutaguse bear camera. The wolf’s visit was recorded on video by Pinkeluza in the LK Forum.

In May too a large dog-like animal was seen briefly flashing by in the camera on several consecutive nights, but it moved too fast for the image to be recorded. In addition we have found at a distance of some 5 km from the observation ground large tracks from a canine, very likely a wolf’s tracks, on a number of occasions. In one place the imprints of at least three different individuals were to be seen in the mud.  These signs makes us hope that a wolf family group has established itself near the Alutaguse bear camera.

But to say something for sure is still too early. Autumn should bring clarity. Towards the end of summer, when the pups are already bigger, sounds from the wolves-to-be may be heard, with luck. The howling of adult wolves the readers of our blog and of Looduskalender have already heard, but sounds from the pups, rather reminding of whining, may seem confusing at first. Should something similar to what was recorded on a quiet October night at the Linnuraba bog in Raplamaa be heard from the Alutaguse camera then the existence of a wolf family is certain:

Text: Bert Rähni

Translation: Liis from www.looduskalender.ee

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