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Articles about the “Bear Watching Hide” experience

Our spring season was pretty much canceled a few days before heading out to our first tour of the year and sadly we did not manage to make any tours during the spring months, as traveling between countries was made extremely difficult due to the spread of the virus. 

But by the end of May the situation in Estonia calmed down pretty much and we were able to open our “Brown Bear and Wildlife Watching Hides” to Estonian visitors, then Latvian and Lithuanian visitors and now most EU countries are allowed to travel here without having to stay in the quarantine for 2 weeks. 

Now the hides have been open for 2 months and we’ve had many visitors who have made and shared photos with us, written positive feedback and shared their observations with us. One thing we learned is that a lot of people still do not realise before entering the hides that they are actually big and comfortable. So we thought it might be good to collect some of the longer articles or blog posts that describe the experience, so you’d get a better understanding of what to expect and if it’s something you’d like to experience yourself.

The newest blog-post/article comes from our neighboring country Latvia. Reverie Chaser wrote a really thorough article about their experience in the hide and in the surrounding area of Alutaguse. The article itself is certainly worth reading + you’ll find lots of great tips about activities and locations in Estonia, Latvia, and many other destinations in the world.

Another article in English by Maris Hellrand on can be found here . The article concentrates more on the experience itself and has a really cool video, where a Brown Bear just lost itself in the moment and scratched and scratched against a birch tree.

Just the video:

From past years there are also 2 blog posts/articles in German. The 2 blogs have both great content about various destinations and activities all over the world. 

Article from 2018 by Travel Inspired – Visiting our then recently opened observation hides.

Article from 2015 by We Travel the World – Visiting our old Brown bear hide, which we now mainly offer as a photography hide. 

PS. At the end of June our sister-company ActivEst made its first tour and we will start our touring season on the 15th of July when a group of nature enthusiasts from Germany comes to Estonia to experience everything our country has to offer.

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