Alutaguse Forest Camera – live!

As people from all over the world are told to stay at home, we may actually have a relief for boredom and not being able to go out. There’s now a live camera set up really close to our Brown Bear and wildlife watching hide. The camera is in the middle of the forest, to a creek and a meadow, so there would be more spaciousness and a better chance to spot animals and birds. But that’s direction south, so during some periods of the day, the picture can be darker due to the direct sunlight. Also, the sound quality may not be the best right now, but we are working on it and hopefully, soon you can listen to all the sounds Alutaguse has to offer.

Live Camera:

Today morning, the place was visited by a funny-acting Brown Bear. It seems to be a younger male.

An Elk crossed the creek and the meadow rather hastily

During moonlit nights, Raccoon Dogs were moving around in front of the camera.

That’s how hard it is to stay unnoticed if you are a Mountain Hare during warm winter months.

The white coat gives it away even during the night. 

If everything goes well,  it’s possible to come and experience seeing those animals live from our Brown bear and wildlife watching hides. But until then, stay at home or wander around in wild nature! 

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