Brown Bear Photography - 1 Day

Brown Bear Photography Hides

In the region of Alutaguse we have 2 Brown Bear hides very well suited for Brown Bear and Raccoon Dog photography. Although it’s also possible to make photographs from our watching hides, these hides are usually preferred by photographers, as the landscape is more picturesque (for some!) and photo openings are lower. The windows and photo openings of both hides offer the view on a small forest clearing and a a very “opened” forest with not too much undergrowth and lots of light. Thus, it’s possible to spot and photograph the animals also from a wider distance. The Brown Bears and Raccoon Dogs can be 15-60 meters from the hide, offering different perpectives and motives. The forest floor has lots of green moss and the forest itself is dominated by pine and spruce trees 

There are 2 hides:

 Large hide  –  offers 10 sleeping and observation spots. 5 normal height photo openings and 2 lower photo openings. 

Small hide  –  offers 6 sleeping and observations spots.  2 lower photo openings and 4 higher openings.

Besides the main visitors – Brown Bears and Raccoon Dogs, you can spot and photograph other mammals, such as Wild Boar, Red Foxes, Red Squirrels, and various birds  – Jays, Tufted Tits, Treecreepers, Greater-Spotted and Black Woodpecker, Wood pigeons, Common Bussards and Spotted Flycatchers.

The booking system offer 2 spots in both hides. These are meant for photographers as there are 2 lower angle photo openings in both hides. If there are 2 photographers and the others are just observers, it won’t be a problem accommodating as many people as there are beds. In that case, please write to us at or call +372 56225943.


The Brown Bear and wildlife watching hides are simple, comfortable, and cosy. One of the hides har room for 10 persons and the other for 6 persons.  The hides have sleeping bags, matrasses, bunk beds, and a dry toilet.

There are special camera lens openings/photography openings, but it’s also possible to take photos through the glass. The smaller hide has 2 ball-heads in the lower photo openings to secure the cameras.

Under the forest canopy, there are faint lights that glow throughout the night and make it possible to observe movement during the night.



You’ll meet our guide at the given meeting point (found in the info sent after the booking) and walk with him/her to the hide. There you’ll stay for the night. The walk to the hide is about 1.3 km. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our guide. He/she will also make you a quick tour inside the hide, explaining what you should take notice of and how to act in the hide.

After arriving in the hide, you can first quietly set up everything for the evening and night and then start calmly watching and waiting. The animals can appear at any time, but most active time starts usually a few hours before the sunset.  Every stay and experience is different. It’s possible to observe wildlife through the night because there are some faint lights under the forest canopy on one side of the hide.

Early morning after the sunrise is also an active time in nature. Sometimes the most interesting observations happen during the early hours and you should be espesically alert if the Brown Bears did not show themselves in the evening.

If no animals are around, you should leave the hide at 8 AM. The route back to the meeting point is the same one you took last evening.

Price includes:

  • Night in the Brown Bear Photography Hide
  • Our guide taking you to the hide

Price Excludes

  • Transport to the meeting point
  • Food and drinks
What to wear?

Warm clothes and comfortable (preferably waterproof) footwear are necessary for the walk to hide. Warm clothes and indoor footwear/warms socks are strongly recommended to be worn in the hide.

What to take with you?

We suggest taking binoculars with you, as they help to spot wildlife from a distance and during the dark hours. We can also rent out binoculars for one night (8×56 Danubia Bussards – 5 €/night), which greatly improves sight in poor light conditions. You would also have to take your own food and water.

Can I use camping stove inside the hide?

No. Open fire is not allowed inside the hide.

Will the guide stay in the hide with us for the night?

No. The guide will not stay with you in the hide for the night unless there is a mutual agreement. He/she will just take you to the hides and make a quick tour inside the hide, so you would know what to take notice of.

What kind of food should I take with me?

We suggest taking things which are easy to eat and do not take any preparations – premade sandwiches, fruit, chocolate. It’s better if the food or snacks are not packed in materials, which make a lot of noise when handled (such as some potato chip packages).

We send the exact meeting point after booking has been confirmed

Price and Booking

115 EUR per person

Extra services:

rent of binoculars which greatly improves sight in poor light conditions 8×56 Danubia Bussards – 5 €/night

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Brown Bear Photography


  • 115€ per person

  • May-September
  • By car from Tallinn or Tartu 1,5-2 hours

  • Easy walk 1,3 km to hide.
  • About 15 hours
  • 5