Grouse in Estonian autumn

The year of the Western Capercaillie is ending in about a week. Now it’s a good time to look back at some of the encounters we had with this forest grouse. The first encounter was in March during our Steller’s Eider Weekend tour, where Rein and his group met a “crazy specimen” (photo below) on […]

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New winter guests have arrived

The thermometer has shown degrees below zero now for more than a month. One night the thermometer on one of our tracking cameras even showed -31°C.  This means that all the fallen snow has stacked up, giving forests and their surroundings that winter wonderland/picture book look. Now, if you are a wildlife photographer, adding a Goshawk […]

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Winter guests near the new brown bear hide

December means that all the bears, who gave us unforgettable emotions from early spring to late autumn, have become dormant. The last active Brown Bear was captured by our camera trap on the 29th of October. This does not mean that life around the new bear hide has gone quiet. As the new hide is […]

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Young Ural Owl

  Our group managed to see nice Ural Owl nest with one chick on nest. Jarek got this young one on the photo waiting for a food.  

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