Long summer weekend nature photography tour- 4 days

nature photography tour

In June –July it’s perfect conditions for macro and landscape photography.  On this nature photography tour rich flora, bug life and semi-natural landscapes offer various sceneries and you can test your creativity to capture the life of the micro world. 36 species of orchid, 57 species of dragonflies, 114 species of butterflies keeps you busy the whole day. Good chance to see some wildlife as well: wild boar, roe deer and elk are relatively easy to see also in summer. Some bird species are also easy to spot- 3 species of buzzards, golden eagle, white-taled eagle, raptors and woodpeckers are a common part of Estonian nature. Visit to raised bog landscapes makes the whole package intense and productive break from your daily life.

Beside great photos you will get personal tuition from professional nature photographer if needed. All skill levels and areas of photography interest are welcome.


  • 36 species of Orchid

  • more than 50 species of dragonflies

  • over 100 butterflies

  • semi-natural landscapes which are hard to find anywhere in Europe

  • Birds of prey

Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943


Day 1:

Matsalu National Park. Semi-natural landscapes and raised bog landscapes. Sunset photography by the sea.

Day 2:

Bird hide 4 hours and visit to Leidissoo Ramsar area for woodpeckers, raptors and mammals. Saunja bay and Noarootsi for birdlife. Landscape photography in the evening in Matsalu area.

Day 3:

Visit to Kihnu island. Local culture and landscapes. Some rare species of flora and birds. Landscape photography in the evening in west coast. (In case of poor weather conditions Saaremaa island)

Day 4:

Semi –natural landscapes and macro photography. High-key daylight photography and rural architecture and culture.


Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943




Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943

Summer tour with guide 890 euros / per person. Minimal group size is 2 people.

Price includes:

  • 4 days photo guide service
  • local transport 4 days
  • 3x breakfast, 3x lunch package to go and 3x dinner
  • 3 nights in hotels/ guesthouses in double rooms with toilet and shower


Book a tour with us: info@natourest.ee or by phone: +372 5622 5943

Click here for general info about nature photography tour to Estonia.

EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.