Summer activity tour- bicycling, kayaking, bog-shoeing


This is the tour to take if you want to enjoy a variety of activities in nature.

Highlights of this trip are:


  • Bog-shoeing in one of Europe’s largest raised bogs.
  • Oldest working lighthouse in Europe.
  • Canoeing in Soomaa NP rivers with beavers and bats
  • Hiking and exploring semi-natural habitats – wooded meadows overflowing with plant species; deep Nordic forests
  • Kayaking in Hiiumaa islets – the best kayaking area in the Baltic States
  • Bicycling along Hiiumaa’s nice country roads
  • Watching “mellow” Ringed Seals.
  • Experiencing the medieval atmosphere of Tallinn Old Town.


Day 1. Arrival to Tallinn

Drive to Hiiumaa. Short evening walking tour in Kassari. Night in Hiiumaa.


Day 2. Kayaking in Hiiumaa islets

Hiiumaa islets are the best kayaking area in the Baltic states. Shallow, warm water surrounding closely clustered islands and islets provide protection from high waves and strong winds. The area has a rich cultural and historical heritage – old houses and semi-natural landscapes. Night in holiday in estonia

Short island hops mean ample time for leisurely hikes through coastal meadows dotted with orchids and frequented by seabirds. Added attraction: an occasional white-tailed eagle and Estonia´s largest Ringed Seal habitat.

Saarnaki, many will tell you, is the most beautiful island of all! After a walk along the islet’s hiking trail, enjoying the landscape with a fishing farm and a restored windmill, you can decide for yourselves.

On Hanikatsi island we’ll step into a primeval „Rootsi” (Swedish) forest of tall oaks, flowering lime and aromatic juniper, connect to the Viking Age (they left a fireplace behind for us to see), wander past a former fishing compound (complete with ghosts – who’s to argue?), pause at the gravesite of a Swedish king (he got left behind, too) and stop at a very old tavern (in ruins, alas).


Day 3. Bicycling tour in Hiiumaa

Bicycling tour in Hiiumaa on pleasant country roads. Night in Hiiumaa.

Hiiumaa is the second biggest island in Estonia with 8500 inhabitants. It is the best place in Europe to cycle around – very little traffic, interesting roads and good infrastructure. Just enjoy the lovely scenic landscapes – forests, meadows, coastal meadows, dunes, alvars and swamps with small villages and farmhouses.


Day 4. Walking trails in Hiiumaaactivity-tour-estonia-hiiumaa-island-wilderness-nature

A day on Kõpu peninsula’s walking and hiking trails. We explore several different areas and habitats – old forests, dunes, coastal meadows, reedbeds and bogs. Night in Hiiumaa.

We also visit Kõpu lighthouse: one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, it’s been in continuous use since its completion in 1531.


Day 5. Bogshoeing in Soomaa National Park Bog shoeing We drive to Soomaa National Park, site of Kuresoo, one of the biggest bogs in Europe. Walking through Kuresoo is like walking on floating soil. In every direction, you’ll spot rare plants, mosses, bog pools. Take your chance and swim in one of the bog pools. Estonians of olden times believed it would make you 7 years younger! Night in Soomaa.

“Soomaa” literally means “land of bogs” in Estonian. Soomaa National Park consists of bogs with rivers winding amongst them. Raised bogs are like huge sponges that hold vast amounts of water. Bogs started to develop after the last ice age about 12 000 years ago. The largest covers 10 000 hectares and the peat layer is 8 metres thick. Bogs have a mosaic structure with bog pools and islands that were used as hiding places during wars. Nowadays rare species such as the Golden Eagle and wolves find shelter on bog islands.


Day 6. Canoeing on Soomaa riverstp_summer_soomaa_kuusekaara_meadows The Soomaa river system gives us a good opportunity to discover Soomaa by canoe. We paddle past typical Soomaa forests, flooded meadows and bogs. Night in Soomaa.

Soomaa National Park offers an excellent nature tourism infrastructure with hiking trails, watching towers and a well-equipped visitor centre.  Estonian summer nights are short, with many hours of light, creating good conditions for beaver watching. We paddle slowly through Soomaa rivers and hope to see beavers in action.


Day 7. Medieval Tallinn Old Town


Guided walking tour in enchanting medieval Tallinn Old Town. Night in Tallinn

The well-preserved medieval town structure and surroundings of Tallinn Old Town, originating from the 11th to 15th Centuries, give it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Streets and houses have been protected by a mostly intact city wall, complete with guard towers. Buildings, churches, merchant and craftsman houses maintain their centuries-old authenticity. Nowadays cosy cafes, boutiques and art galleries add vibrant life to the medieval atmosphere.


Day 8. Departure




Tour price includes:

  • local English speaking nature guide services for 8 days;
  • 7 nights in local guesthouses and hotels (twin rooms with toilet and shower);
  • 7 dinners and 7 lunch packages 7 breakfasts in the hotels;
  • Transport in Estonia;
  • Ferry tickets to Hiiumaa;
  • Guided tour of Old Town Tallinn.

Season: June – August

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