Self-Guided Elk Watching Tour

This tour offers the opportunity for an unforgettable wildlife experience. No need to do anything difficult — you just need to know when and where exactly to go. All this detailed information is included in the tour guideline. In addition to elks, it is possible to see roe deer, wild boar, raccoon dog and massive bird migrations.

The best place to see some of Estonia’s 12000 elks is from Matsalu National Park´s bird towers which offer great views of the open meadows. The best time to watch elks is in spring and in autumn. Matsalu NP, about an hour drive from Tallinn, is an ideal place for elks, with a perfect feeding habitat and no hunting allowed. Bird towers provide an excellent vantage point for viewing, and sometimes they can even be seen from your car, just next to the road. Spring offers great chances to see young calves with mothers; autumn brings the drama of mating time. Big antlered bulls try to get females’ attention – they rub themselves against the bushes, send out mating calls and fight with each other.

Best times of day for elk watching are at sunrise and sunset, when other mammals and birds are most active.

Best times of the year: late April – late June, as well as September, October and early November.  Summer is good, too, but elk tend to be less active then.

... bird tower

Park the car at x, y, proceed to the tower at x, y. During peak flooding time the tower can be inaccessible. This tower is 14 metres high, but you can stay on lower platforms. The tower offers a view over the flood plain and the eastern part of the reed field.

Public access to the meadow is denied.

... tower

Leave the car at x,y; the observation platform is at x,y. Elks come to open areas at sunset and early in the morning. This wet meadow is usually not very rich in birds, but there are few specialities like Black Grouse (spring mornings) and raptors.

Public access to the meadow is denied.

Near ... bus stop

Park your car near x, y and view the elks in the open meadows.

Price is 15 €

Additional option: car, binoculars and scopes rental.

EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.