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Brown Bear photography hide rent

We offer the possibility to spend a night in one of Alutaguse Brown Bear and Wildlife photo hides.

The new hides have windows and photo holes both sides opening to two sides. Northern windows overlook taiga forest and most common mammals to see would be the raccoon dogs and brown bears. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, crested and willow tits and jays visit feeders.

Southern windows offer a view to a stream and flooded meadow. Sometimes elk and roe deer would come to feed on the meadow and beavers can swim by occasionally. Ural owl and fox come here, hunt for mouses and sometimes also goshawk, sparrowhawk, golden eagle, white-tailed eagle and buzzards appear looking for food. Rare visitors of the scenery include wolf, lynx, otter, mink and wild boar.

Hides are simple, comfortable and cozy, they have separated cabins with bunk beds and dry toilet. It is possible to take pictures through glass and photo hatches.

Hides are located in Alutaguse, N-E of Estonia. It takes 1,5 hours drive from Tallinn or Tartu to Alutaguse.

The best light we have second-middle part of May and in June. The photo hole is about 60 cm from the floor. The terrain slopes upwards from northern side, which offers an opportunity for low photographic angle.

You can use your tripod. For professional photographers we suggest to have two tripods and cameras- one pointing at the meadow and the other at the forest.

Cost: 120 eur/ per person.


Time for photographing Brown Bear

End of April – October.


Book brown bear photo hide with us: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55

Photos made from Alutaguse hide

Agris Krusts

Aare Udras- photoalbum

Pawel Makar –

Kestutis Cepenas-

Peeter Anijalg



Participants are saying..

This photohide is like **** hotel:)

Pawel from Poland




Book brown bear photo hide with us: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55


EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.