About us

NaTourEst is a small travel company specialized in nature tours in the Baltic States. We lead bird and mammal watching tours, also botanical and natural experience tours.

NaTourEst was established in 2008 in Estonia. In our team, we have experienced naturalists and young enthusiastic nature guides. NaTourEst organizes many types of tours- from short, a couple of hour trips to two week-long tours.


Natourest offers nature tours:

  • in English
  • in German
  • in French
  • in Russian




Rein Kuresoo

Guide and Trainer

E-mail: rein@natourest.ee

Phone: +372 525 49 75

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Estonian






Rein Kuresoo belongs to the narrow circle of leading naturalists in Estonia. He has working experience both with ornithologists and botanists, but probably the most successful period of his life was connected with establishing and leading a conservation organization, the Estonian Fund for Nature (or ELF, Eesti Looduse Fond). Two national parks and several large protected areas were established in 1991-95 in Estonia in 1991-95, proposed by ELF under his chairmanship.

Rein has led bird, plant and general nature trips since 1989 and has written and illustrated lots of books about nature and gardening. He has also authored several textbooks for schools and teachers.

Rein has the ears of an owl, an amazing ability to filter out the spectrum of most subtle birdsong from the bird choir and a bird’s sense of orientation in the middle of nowhere.

Responsibilities in NaTourEst:

  • Product development and marketing
  • Tour leading and guiding
  • Training


Triin Ivandi


E-mail: triin@natourest.ee

Phone: +372 5555 87 55

Languages: English, Estonian


Triin grew up amidst nature in the lovely West-Estonian countryside and became an avid outdoor sports person. She became particularly intrigued with Estonia’s bogs, and began guiding bog-walk and kayaking tours in 2006.

Triin studied environmental protection at university and continues to work and study intensively to become general nature tour guide.


 Bert Rähni


E-mail bert@natourest.ee

Phone: +372 51 37141

Languages: German, Russian, English, Estonian



Ahto Täpsi


E- mail ahto@metsaruum.ee

Phone: +372 52 34 597

Languages: Finnish, Russian, English, Estonian



Marko Poolamets

marko poolamets

Photo guide

E-mail marko@natourest.ee

Phone: +37256843743

Languages: English, Estonian





Peep Rooks


E-mail peep@natourest.ee

Phone: + 372 527 1839

Languages: English, German, Estonian



Peep is the newest member of Natourest’s guide family. He has been an avid nature friend since childhood and begun guiding in 2015.

He is currently dividing his time between studying environmental conservation, working for Natourest and wandering through Estonia’s beautiful forests and countryside. All of which help him become more knowledgeable about the life around him.

Triin Asi

Triin Asi


E-mail triin.asi@natourest.ee

Phone: +3725016222

Languages: German, English, French, Estnonian

EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.