NaTourEst and Conservation

NaTourEst’s contribution to nature conservation


NaTourEst is an Estonian nature travel company, whose capital is well-preserved nature. Thus, we find it important to contribute to the well-being of Estonian nature. Our main goal is to show people, that money can be earned without damaging the ecosystem, e.g. not logging or extracting peat.

The need for natural resources in Estonia is rising, just like anywhere else in the world. That’s why we work with the nature conservancy organizations and help them find alternatives to intensive use of natural resources. For example:


we took part in the process of developing the Estonian Forestry Development Plan until 2030. Representing the economic interests, which are not based on logging/forest destruction, but rather on biodiversity and the good health of the ecosystem in general. We share the same views with the Estonian Nature Tourism Association, who also stands on our side in the public debate.


NaTourEst has been financially contributing to Estonian Fund of Natures (WWF’s partner in Estonia) yearly Young Nature Conservation Award among others.



Photo by Jarek Jõepera

In 2017. we bought 86,2 hectares of land (our of which 72,7 ha is forest) in the region of Alutaguse. It’s one of the least populated areas of Estonia with vast taiga forests and bogs. Thus, it has also been historically an important area where species, which are sensitive to human impact (Brown Bears, Golden Eagles, Flying Squirrel), have survived even during the more difficult times. For example, at the beginning of the 20th century when the number of Brown Bears was at its all-time low, around twenty bears managed to survive in inaccessible parts of Alutaguse forests. Thanks to these individuals, we can today speak of a strong and healthy population of Brown Bears in Estonia.

Today Alutaguse is under strong economic pressure. Therefore it is important that in addition to traditional forest management, we can create jobs, which are based on natural diversity. We also provide work in other parts of Estonia for people operating in the tourism sector and their income depends on the good state of Estonian nature. Urbanization is a big problem in Estonia and through providing work in the countryside, we can tackle it. Often the best way to preserve nature is to make sure that the people have a connection with their home and surrounding nature.

Although the piece of land we bought is not big, it interacts with existing nature reserves (Sirtsi Nature Reserve and the newly founded Alutaguse National Park), giving it a higher value. The former farmland is mainly covered with middle-aged taiga forest, but there are also patches of grassland. On our land, there is a Brown Bear and Wildlife Watching hide for observing Brown Bears and other forest species. Through building and managing the hide, we have provided work for locals. The hide and activities related to it affect around 2 hectares of the total area, elsewhere we let nature run its course without interfering. This means also that no hunting is allowed on our land. In the future, we plan to use our profit on similar activities. We have given our clients an opportunity to support the Estonian nature conservancy organization by using the services of NaTourEst.


EU Leader Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) supported Natourest Inc for buying nature observation optics and trail cameras.